Our Vision

People are having so many things need to buy and sell but they are depending on some group of people called real estate brokers, especially in the rural areas. The price of their property or goods have been decided by the brokers or the middle man. Sometimes, this makes very huge expense as commision for the buyer or seller while making real estate deals.

The idea of Classifieds itself generated from the thought of "cutting off the expenses by cutting off the middle man". Now a days so many classifieds and other medias available in the market to buy or sell anything. But In rural areas, the online classifieds are not that much used by the people. Same time they are using the social media in a very large extend.From this scenario, we were thinking about utilizing the maximum benefits of social media to promote these type of direct deals and making them aware about the possiblities of online marketing/advertising.

Anyway this will help the buyer and seller to sell the property with a very good price and the buyer can get the property with an affordable price.

Our Story

Direct Deal Classifieds is a company formed by a group of youngsters who were thinking about utilizing the social media maximum and go in deep with the people from rural area of India. It has been started first with a village named Blathur a village from Kannur District of Kerala by Mr. Sheriff Blathur along with his friends Mr. Nadeer Ibrahim, Mr. Yasir Irikkur, Mr. Salmanul Faris and Mr. Suhail Hussain, Mr. Mushtaq Ali and Mr. Yoosuf VV. The team build "Direct Deal" a very good brand and famous through their excellent hard work and high end professional branding.

The idea is mainly to create an advertising platform for the normal people to sell or buy their products, properties and services through the available social media platforms such as facebook, whatsapp,etc. This idea has been accepted by the rural people and successfully implemented through out different districts of Kerala. The advertisement was fully free in the beginning as the Team was considering this as a social service. Thousands of people got huge benefits from this initiative and they have suggested so many ideas to grow up together with them.